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The following poem is my first attempt at a “Nonet” poem. A Nonet is a poem that begins with nine syllables and diminishes by one syllable each successive line until you are left with a single syllable. I used alliteration (all words beginning with the same sound) as well. I love West Virginia (my home state) and winter and snow and everything associated with that special time of year.

This poem will be included in the upcoming book Poetry in Black and White due for a late June, early July 2011 release. There will be black and white art that accompanies the poem in the book as well. Please let me know what you think!

Snowbound Serenity

Slipping, sliding soft silken snow sheets

Sipping cider, scorching, searing

Seeing stores’ short stockpile sold

Siren soliloquies

Send silly signals

Saying “sit still”

Soothing scene

Steals show