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Looking Glass Rock - North Carolina

I work too often at being prolific when I should concentrate on excellence. My impatience and desire to make things happen before they blossom delivers grief and trouble at times. When I’m good, I’m outstanding. When I rush, I’m outstanding in the rain of disaster.

What truly makes a great writer? I write decent poetry. Heck, some if it qualifies as downright excellent. I write good stories. Some of them qualify as downright excellent. I even write good non fiction, and amazingly enough, some of it is downright excellent.

None of the above truths knights me with the title “great author“. The volume issue weighs upon my mind today. I’ve been stroking it (the keys, folks, the keys…) at a 2000 – 3000 words per day now for the month of November. That is pretty doggone good. Continuity? Absent. But many good pieces of writing sprung from the effort.

A key item for me is to keep this up. Keep writing and getting words out to the internet. Sometimes I wonder what it’s all for? I mean, who the hell cares that I plunk down words out here for others to pick up on. Hell, readers these days have the Kardasians. Why mess with me and my books, blogs, rants, passions, stories, poems, self-help articles and just fun articles?

The mantra of ‘write every day’ now stares me in the writer’s eye and dares me to become the author of my dreams. The commitment. That’s all this beast desires – commitment. The hard-core committed writer makes it happen day in and day out. There are no excuses – only pathetic lies to shelter the writer from the horrid truth of desire fleeing opposite the muses.

Isn’t that the place where our writing disappears? The muse (or muses, because I, personally own several) run off one direction and my faith in my writing bolts the other direction. Then I’m left glaring at a white screen that begs for word tattoos to splash across its skin.

Now there you have an example of poetry pumping up the prose. “A white screen that begs for word tattoos to splash across its skin” is very poetic. Lines like this revive the writer. Lines like this cause the writer to pursue the prose. Lines like this cause the writer to pursue the activity of writing. (Good thing writers live so much in their heads, that way they can run many directions at the same time…)

If you have understood any of this blog post, count yourself a dreamer. Count yourself creative and deliver a good tidy pat on the back. Poetry should be pumped up when writing. When a writer gets to a line that rocks his or her world, they should tip their imaginary writing hat to poetry, because more often than not, the language and conceptual rhythms of poetry weave themselves through most every well penned line.

My thoughts on this day.