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Finally, I got it together, tied up some loose ends, and produced the book. Interesting thing about books. Most book buyers do not realize that buying directly from the authors help them out quite a bit. When you purchase from the huge corporations, they try to take as much of the proceeds as possible.

Yes, Amazon is not friendly when it comes to money. I understand the big-dog retailers need to grab the bulk of the money to pay their CEO’s inflated salaries, but the author spends a lot of time and effort producing the work and most often receives only a pittance compared to the corporations.

So, I encourage you do consider purchasing your books direct from authors’ websites. Just a little heads up. Authors also do not know if you buy from Amazon. Heck, for that matter, no one knows but Amazon themselves. Guess we must trust the huge mega-corporation, huh?

Buying direct from an author often will procure you an autographed copy. The author also gets direct feedback that what they do (write) is being acknowledged. There is nothing quite like getting that email that says you need to mail out another book to someone who desires to read your work. In this somewhat ‘impersonal’ age of computers, purchasing direct from the author is a way of making the process more personal.

If you like, check out previous posts on this site as I have previewed some of the poetry and photography from the book. Like what you read and see? Then, please, get a copy for yourself from me right here: Poetry in Black and White.

The book is at the printer now and should be ready to ship by January 17, 2012. Hey, at $9.99, how can you go wrong?