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Sleep. Perchance to dream. This morning I experienced a seminal step into the dream world. In the dream I sat in a fold-up chair mesmerized by a beautiful, lithe woman who danced a couple fast-paced dances like a salsa or cha-cha. The music slowed to a waltz. She strode to me with both arms outstretched. Surprise tingled through my body.

I asked her, “You want to slow dance?”

Her hands reached out to me. I rose, assumed dance position and queried, “waltz?”

“I don’t know,” came her soft reply along with a softer shrug.

I led into the first three steps, the lilting music and her lovely dark hair captivated me, and the world faded away. By my fourth step her head rested on my chest as we swirled in a galaxy whose center contained only her heartbeat.

When she laid her head to my chest, exhilaration overwhelmed my dream-state. I felt myself pulled toward consciousness, but all I could focus upon fell to her, and I, and the dance. No music met my ears, yet we danced. The rhythm coursing through her veins kept me enthralled. Remnants of the electric shock of her tenderness, cradled in my arms, thrilled me all the way down the road to awareness.

Awareness of my bed, my deplorable sadness, and my desire to capture the moment as a poetic statement, led to this piece. Not since the seventh grade dance as a twelve-year-old with Dawna Martin, the girl of all my dreams back then, has a dance thrilled me so.

As this dance occurred in merely a dream, is it any less exciting – or real?


Dream Dancer


She asked, “Shall we dance?”

I melted inside.

She offered her hands

She’ll not be denied.


I danced with the girl

In my sweet, happy dream

Soft fingers astonish

My soul’s self-esteem


Melody steals away –

Hearts beat as one.

Touch engulfs perception

Resistance? None.



Eyes closed, the waltz,

Becomes all earthly existence

Lost in our bliss

Passionate insistence.


Irresistible love –

Dreams where we dance

Supple, sensuous,

Spirited romance.


Lines of her face,

Tone of her voice,

Touch of her hand,

No true choice,


But to fall deep

Fully and fast

Smile at love’s touch,

At last, at last…