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Wounded - Painting by Tracy McDurmon

I am working on a video rendition of the poetry from my book, Loves Lost and Found. Most of the poetry in this book was penned in the 1980’s. I was in my early 20’s at that time, and fairly prolific with my poetry. The book came out in 2009, and shortly thereafter, three of the poems won Royal Palm Literary Awards for Published Poetry.

While I work on editing and dolling up the video, I decided it a good idea to experiment with posting video on my blog. This selection – Wounded – is one of the ‘better’ takes. I must say, I do not care for looking at my face and hearing my voice, but I recognize the connection with potential readers is much greater if they see and hear the author.

I do plan to craft this project into a DVD production. The DVD will contain all the poems I wrote in Loves Lost and Found as well as some background information that tells you why I wrote each poem, about whom or what, and in the case of some poems, how the poem affects me to this day.

This effort is totally candid, so please excuse my errors and mess-ups. I did only one take on all but a couple (those I messed up badly…). Some of the poems I read once before turning on the camera, others I simply dove into the reading, remembering the full gist of what was written. I have not read most of these poems out loud – ever. Many, I have not read for a couple years.

I am a writer, so I can take critiquing of my video, and in fact, welcome suggestions. Keep in mind, I am not much of a techie. I know enough to be dangerous. I have never publicly read my poetry either, so this is a bit intimidating. ‘What doesn’t kill us…’ right?

In reading these poems out loud, I see many areas I wish I could go back and tweak. I attribute this to the fact I am a stronger writer today than I was three years ago when this book was published. Even with the fine-tuning some of these poems could use, I am still proud of the effort and the end result.

By the way, artist Tracy McDurmon interpreted my poetry through acrylic paintings. She has quite the unique style. I will include the appropriate painting with each poem I post. Please consider purchasing a copy of the book if you enjoy what you hear. Writers struggle to earn a living, and using today’s technology is a viable means to keep bread on the table.

Copies of Loves Lost and Found are available by clicking on the following links: ClearView Press Inc   Barnes and Noble   Amazon

If you choose to go through my company, ClearView Press Inc. you will note the prices are a bit higher. The stock we currently have of the book are printed on 100# glossy paper which drives the price point. We only have a few soft cover copies left. Also, CVP carries a hardcover copy of the book which is quite pricey because it too uses the 100# gloss paper. The major retailer copies are printed on the typical 55# white matte paper you find in most books.