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Poetry in Black and White received a Kreativ Blogger Award nomination from ClaudiaJustSaying. Awards are way cool, aren’t they? Recognition for the work you put in, the brain cells you kill off, the hours of sleep-repelled writing, can lend you a lift when you need it. And when do we NOT need a lift!

Claudia has developed into a blogger extraordinaire. She claims she is a ‘green’ writer, as in a rookie, but her writing is nowhere near elementary. Her blogs are engaging, well followed and her fan base grows daily. I smiled when I opened my Google mail and read her nomination. Such a pleasant surprise after having just completed a first draft book manuscript. Nice icing for THAT cake! 🙂

Claudia also did some nice research on the Kreativ Blogger Award history, so I shall shamelessly plagiarize, er, I mean copy, it here:

What is the Kreativ Blogger Award? I searched Word Press to find out.

The Kreativ Blogger Award is a peer award, as is the Golden Globe Award. The fact that another blogger thought my writing worthy is encouraging. Husfrauas Memoarer, a Norwegian, came up with the idea on May 8th 2008, pieced together fabric for the original design, (shown below)

and bestowed it upon four fellow bloggers. Evidently Kreativ is German for creative. Hulda is still blogging about inspirational crafts at blogspot, She is creative and displays beautiful  photography. The design, and criteria have changed over time.

At this point, the custom is to tell you, the reader 10 things you may not know about me. Here goes:

1.  When I was six and my little sister 4, we got lost in the Colorado mountains at a place called Mesa Verde where our family was camping. We came down the wrong side of the mountain and were lost for hours. To this day, I can still remember the intense fear that gripped us and the relief when we stepped up, handled the situation and found our campsite (through the enlisted aid of a kind old couple we approached at a campsite).

2. That was a bit long….I spent three weeks in the Philippines in 2006 and still maintain friendship with a number of Flilpinos I met while enjoying their country.

3. I’ve currently authored or co-authored eight books.

4. My favorite desert, or possibly even food, is pumpkin pie which I bake from scratch

5. Basketball is my favorite sport. I coach an Upward league basketball team every year.

6. My second favorite sport is table tennis – and no, I do not play ping pong… lol!!

7. I love snow with a deep and abiding passion. I do not care much for extreme heat (so I live in Florida – really?)

8. I have never been drunk in my life (except on love…).

9. I have a number of friends whom I care deeply for but have only met online. These friendships began two years ago when I joined HubPages.com and discovered their incredible writing. The resulting comments between us led to connection on Facebook and a camaraderie I never expected. One lives in London, another in LA, another in South Africa – what a world we live in!!!

10. I bumble my way through the writing life apparently hell-bent on learning everything the hard way…

Now, I am commissioned to select six blogs for nomination as Kreativ Blogger Award recipients. This is tough, because a number of my writer friends I would normally go to first have already been nominated like Jeff Swesky, Rebekah Hunter Scott, Nancy Quatrano, Claudia (who nominated me), so I must really do some work and research here.

In no particular order because all these bloggers are excellent:

Sue Healy. She writes excellent posts, beneficial, entertaining and downright fun. I love her recent writing prompt suggestions off of proverbs. Here are a couple that tantalized my eyes: Graveyards are full of indispensable people. (I love that one!) and: The only free cheese is in the mousetrap. (which harkens back to my favorite author, Robert A. Heinlein’s “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.”)

Corey Jordan Booth Corey’s blogsite is titled Clown Rhymes A Welsh Clown That Rhymes Words 😉 If that title doesn’t make you curious, check out how prolific he is. If you like poetry and an energetic blog, this is the place for you!

Deb Reilly Deb writes more of a range of subjects. There’s poetry, humor (which is a riot!), and poignancy off the charts. If you can read this post by Ms. Reilly and not get choked up, I question your emotional state.

Evan Sanders Mr. Sanders writes a full, well-rounded blog. There is an incredible sense of determination, accomplishment, and pure passion in this blog. I tell you, you can get blissfully lost in this blog. The goal setting, motivation, great pics, etc. this blog has it all. One of my favorites is his “Quotes” page. He has not entered a single quote (yet), but he does not have too. Check out the awesome quotes his readers have submitted. I like these: “It ain’t what they call you, it’s what you answer to.” and “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it” – Simon Sinek. You will not be disappointed on this blog…

Cedric Bernardi Cedric’s blog caught my attention because I love snow and his blog has some of the most spectacular mountain snow scenes anywhere on the internet. OMG, some of the places these guys ski boggle my mind. I love to snow ski, don’t get me wrong, but the locations in these pictures, I cringe just viewing the pics! I love this site for the outstanding photographs of really cool mountains in snow.

MizB I came across this blog completely by accident (isn’t that how most people come across blogs?). I was/am intrigued by her “Teaser Tuesday” blog posts. This blogger gets large numbers of people involved by posting two “teaser” sentences from whatever book they are currently reading. Beware, reading the teasers can be addictive…

GPAGE G (her friends on Hub Pages call her G) posts a wonderful variety of subjects on Hub Pages. While Hub Pages is sort of a hybrid blog/article forum, I felt this wonderful lady HAD to be included in my list. I even contacted her beforehand to get permission to promote her Hubs as HP is not typically thought of as a ‘blogging’ site. Check out her articles, poetry, short stories, etc. She is wonderful, delightful, and one of my favorite friends online.

So I now come to the end of my duties with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Once again, I thank ClaudiaJustSaying for nominating me. It’s been a great trek through bloggerland. I came to realize I am behind in some of my reading. I immensely enjoyed reading the posts of the six bloggers I just mentioned.