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When, in the course of human relationships, communications break down and sadness and depression overrun sensibilities and self-worth, poetry lends a vehicle for absolution. Absolution is defined by the following words: forgiveness, mercy, pardon, release, reprieve.

This absolution emanates not from without, but from inner release of the cruel ties that bind. The reprieve stems from your own ability to stand up honestly, gaze into your internal mirror, and excuse yourself from the negative darts impaling your soul.

Mercy comes truly in the form of allowing yourself to understand no matter how poorly others treat you, only you control the value of your heart and only you can nod your heart’s direction and say, “I know better.” when under a barrage of demeaning attacks.

Release should be your goal – release from unwarranted criticisms, release from the burden of cruelties by the horde, release from damaging words and tones that break more than bones, release from self-recrimination for not being a better person.

The only forgiveness you may ever receive in the mortal realm likely will come from yourself. Those who consistantly and constantly berate, criticize and demean you most likely will never change their ways.

My poetic answer at this point in time to oppressive, constant, demeaning, loveless negativity is –

Just Because


I cry for love and you don’t.

Pain welcomes lonely desolation.

My tears will not be denied

While you trample me in my weakness.


Caustic words crumble my day.

I suffer your smirks and condescension of superiority.

Emotions flow freely through my spirit

Callous rebuttals defend your years of abuse.


My will buckles at stepping out yet again in vulnerability.

Your bully behavior screams, “why?”

Walking away in abject sorrow my only recourse.

Just because you view the heart as your enemy.