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In exploring the notepad on my iPhone, I discovered quite a bit of poetry never transcribed to the computer. I think I’ll post one a day for the course of this week. Often when I ride my bike I’ll get ideas for a poem and I’ll jot them into the notepad. Other times I’ll stop, write out the crude elements of the poem, then be on my merry (or not so) way.

I’m sure I have more than a week’s worth, but then again, maybe not. You’ll have to check back and see.

Bike riding has been one of my favorite forms of relaxation and exercise most of my life. I pop some headphones in the ol’ ears, crank up some tunes, and ride. Does the music or the ride inspire?

My answer is both…

Because Love is Gone…


Breezes go unshared.

Blue skies feel wasted.

Sunlight brightens only eyes.

Trees sway without purpose.

Spring air simply transits lungs.

Hope becomes a four letter word.