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Here is the first of a couple untitled poems written on my iPhone while on a bicycle ride. What I am going to do with these first-draft, unedited, untitled poems is to have readers rate the poem with a poll I place after the writing, and also have the reader present a potential title in the comment section. Please be honest with any comments, especially as to any potential edits that would make the poem stronger as well as honesty with respect to the poll. Since the poll is anonymous, honesty should be simple, true?

Untitled Poem

Forefinger floats to ripened lips,

Presses gentle, delivers peace.

Hand stretches, warm invititation

Silence, silver and soft and serene.

Right hand embraces lithe waist

Left clasps lip-abandoned fingers

Two sway, ethereal touch,

Shouldered head sighs, releases.

Dance in the midnight

Dance in his heart

Dance with the angels

Dance the silence of love.

Open eyes to joy, to sharing

Open heart to know, to feel

Open eyes from weary trials

Open eyes to trust, to love

Lend him this chance

This distant repreive

Lend him this chance

Give and recieve.