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Another in the bicycle ride iPhone writing I tend to do and forget about once I get home. Looking over some of the material I have written over the past months on my cell, I decided this could be great content for the blog this week. I will be gone the latter part of the week, so I am scheduling one a day to post each morning at 8:00am EST.

Please consider taking the poll at the end of the writing and also leave any comments or suggestion you feel would make the poem stronger. These are all first draft, unedited, and untitled poems. Feedback and honesty are not only welcomed, they are desired…

Untitled Poem

Oh that I could steal your heart

Whisk you into my arms

Revitalize your passions

Dance your lithe body to serenity.

Oh that I could taste your lips.

Soft, full kisses to remove the pain.

Arms that would fold you in tight.

Companionship offered each cold, darkened night.

Oh to exist and engage in your heart!

To know I could stand in a place set apart

For you and for I as lovers, as one.

To know that my search is now over and done.

All of these things I bring unto you

I vouchsafe them sincere and true

Allow me the thrill of holding your hand

Allow me a love to hold dear and so grand.