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This untitled poem was written a couple weeks ago. I will not alter this first draft until I get feedback. In fact, I’m going to place a poll at the end of the poem to determine readers’ reactions. Also, if you care to, please write me a comment with any suggestions and a title. Please be kind as this is straight off my iPhone and written without an edit. That being said, writing cannot improve without constructive input. Please feel free to suggest edits that may make the writing stronger…

Untitled Poem

I sense you there, in the dark

Petite, lithe, stormy eyes, lovely.

I hear your tears

Sail soft on your cheeks.

Sadness travels an ocean south

Riding waves like valiant messengers

Ears beckon to hear the words

Soul craves the gentle touch.

Dreams nestle your chin on my chest

Scent – exhilirating, touch – divine

Dance, oh the dance,

Silence, made thunder

Fingers thrill in the stroke of your hair

Damp shoulder, monument to trust

Completion, companion, compatriot, friend

I lend you my hand in the words I send

Allow hope to stir in your beautiful heart

Allow peace a chance, a brace, a start

Please, please recieve kindness and know

Love sprouts in odd places and aspires to grow.