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This particular poem actually has a title on my cell phone. The previous three were untitled. This particular day I wrote two poems. I will have to pick up next week with other writing I have done on my phone.

Yes, I literally write while riding sometimes. In fact, often I’m listening to some jazz or classic rock while riding and writing. And yes, I have experienced a tumble or two…

Please remember to click on the poll as well as offer any input on the poem. These are all first draft, unedited poems, so some TLC would be appreciated. Thank you!

When She Doesn’t Care

What is left to those who wander love’s trailhead?

Lost in a landscape of twists and turns

Stumbling over emotions rooted in the soul

With no answer to the questions of how to live.

When she doesn’t care enough to access her own heart

Why allow your own heart to be trampled?

What force moves a person to hope

When apparency screams to flee destruction?

The heart whimpers and dies yet another death

When she doesn’t care…