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In the course of writing poetry, or any genre for that matter, coordinating the heart and mind together tends to produce the best writing. Personal opinion, but I’m not sure too many would disagree.

One of the tricks of writing for me comes when the two appear unable to cooperate. The mind insists on one direction, the heart another. For one who writes from the heart like me, this conundrum can vex the living word patterns right out of me!

Today is one such day. My heart craves to write on a particular level, a subject-driven, emotional smorgasbord, but the mind balks and demands a detour. I’ve learned through the years to go with the word flow and find that point where the two intersect. Tonight, in my ‘off-the-cuff-poem’, the apparency of this dilemma shows itself.

I give you the poem, Everyone Should, You Know…

Everyone Should, You Know…

Can you lie on your back and soar spring skies?

Stand on your head and tiptoe billowed clouds?

Glide your bicycle through dream-catcher breezes?

Smile with someone you don’t really know?

Can you sing songs that never were written?

Twirl dizzying waltz steps you never learned?

Stroll the night empowered from within?

Reach for someone who stands leagues away?

Can you wink four thousand-four hundred-thirty-seven miles?

Whisper into the breeze that follows the wink?

Know that your heart will follow its own course?

Realize the value of emotions brought to life?

Words serve as vehicles to guide imagination,

Deliver the whimsy’s and whatsits of fun,

Sculpt wonders of love and connection,

Stylize ideals and dreams and love.

Will you capture love in a sentence?

Will you lasso longing in a phrase?

Will you pass along your heart in a poem?

Everyone should, you know…