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This day brings another opportunity to see and feel and smell and hear and taste and experience our lives and our world. How many billion times has mankind written, “Life is short, enjoy what stands before you this moment?”

Written many different ways, said with many different voices, tongues, cultures, education, and a myriad of familiar differences, yet the message remains the same – we seem to forget all too easily that this life is over far too quickly.

I find it difficult not to write poetry these days. for nearly thirty years I denied poetry as one of my writing gifts. Now, I rely on poetry’s resilience and ability to convey emotion unlike any other written medium. Today’s spur-of-the-moment-poem:


When Passion Takes a Holiday


When Passion takes a holiday

Melancholy winds taint the heart

Life’s ills and wills fall strangely silent

Dreams siphoned hollow on tomorrow’s landscape.


When Love takes a holiday

Loneliness stirs like a prowling beast

Life’s cares and dares cower in the dust of fear

Motivation Stonehenge stationary, locked in petrified stasis.


When Hope takes a holiday

Morbid days follow apathetic nights

Life’s disaster and laughter pale into dingier shades of empty souls

Sluggard’s gait all a body may muster.


When Negativity takes a holiday

Three powers grow and blossom and thrill

Life’s wholeness and whims explode in ever increasing joy

Dreams reborn into a fresh, healthy landscape.