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Another iPhone Phollie – this poem. I rode my bicycle today and couldn’t resist the urge to write (like I do that much anymore…). While the poem came a bit choppy in places, I felt it, so I post it. That simple.

I’ve been on this off-the-cuff kick with the poems lately. Normally I want to go back and craft them, mold their meter, play with the words, sculpt an emotion and release it to the world.

Sometimes, though, I feel the raw creative burst that comes with writing from some sort of passion possesses a power unachievable with crafted writing. Kind of like a live music performance – raw energy meant for immediate consumption. It’s late, I’ve been living on Nostalgia Lane on YouTube too long. Off to bed with Suavecito playing in my head…

Where Does Tomorrow Go?

Today I checked out my world.

I asked the question “Where does tomorrow go?”

There’s no place to stop, yet everywhere to ride,

Motor boat wakes across the sky.

Overlooked beauty escapes us each day

Simple glances into timeless moments

Deliver our world as easy as a summer breeze

Where did all those tomorrows go?

Shade trees, blue skies, a tuft of a white cloud

A summer’s day with hawks scanning the forest floor

Soul searching peace, answers, and connection

Tomorrow clamoring for re-invigoration.

Where have my tomorrows gone?

Love vanished like the morning mist.

Where have my tomorrows gone?

Like the ones when I was kissed.

We flee through life such manic souls

We miss the tunes of life

We search not where tomorrow goes

And wake too late to know.