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Life offers us moments of contemplation where each of us possess a choice to deny the stirrings in our hearts, or to indulge in their passions and play. So simple to follow the whimsical positives, all too infrequent and fleeting, so difficult for many to stroll through the more darkened corridors of our souls.

This evening brought me the glorious Braburyan story, I Sing the Body Electric on late-night television – The Twilight Zone. The simple title The Twilight Zone delivers enough fond reminisces to last weeks in the heart, but this one, from one of Ray Bradbury’s best efforts brought me a long, sentimental smile.

The crazy thought stabbed at my muse to craft something from my heart with the flavor of Bradbury, my writing hero. My first reactive thoughts screamed, “Sacrilege!” yet nonetheless, I pulled out pen and paper. Minutes from midnight, instinctively I chose analog rather than the keyboard. To even consider writing this piece required a more direct path between heart and words.

With this snippet of a story, I give you this off-the-heart poem:

I Sing the Color of Melancholy

Tattered remembrances, heart rumpled tugs,

Sow faerie seeds, pale sorrows grow.

Moonless nights, starfield peppered skies,

Rustling breezes connect memory to life.

I sing the color of melancholy

Beautiful tapestries fettered in friends and love.

I sing the color of melancholy,

Days and nights past, adrift on the seas of time.

Age lends us wisdom – words true enough.

Experience teaches – fine phrasing to follow.

Yet love curls through melancholy’s prisms

Creating lovely, kaleidoscope hearts misted in sadness.

I sing the color of melancholy,

Though no tune passes my lips.

I sing the color of melancholy,

My words set to the music of your life…

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