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I took on the joy today of riding my bicycle every morning. I will attempt each day to post something from my ride. This morning, The Moody Blues stands out so far in my randomized music playlist. The Days of Futures Passed  rolls delicate through my ears. Nothing like hearing The Day Begins (with that touch of Nights in White Satin theme running through it…) on a morning ride. Come Sail Away by Styx plays as I key this.

My goal is to ride every morning for a number of reasons. I desire to get back to a place of peace within myself. My bicycle has served me faithfully for 28 years. I love riding and soaking in the tunes.

Exercise is obviously another goal. I’m getting in shape. Period. Losing body fat is another goal. I will eliminate 25 pounds.

Another goal is to write something each day for myself. In keeping with my site I will continue with first draft writing. Sometimes the raw emotion  comes through more clearly without the editor poking around.

I’m using the notepad on my iPhone to write, hence The Morning Notepad. I’ve made The Morning Notepad a category unto itself so you may check it out without the interruption of other posts. Here goes!

Contemplations on a Summer Morn

Peace sprouts from relaxation – not pursuit.
Joy blossoms from release not capture.
Music wells from within, triggered from without,
Sourced from within – like a breath.

If our eyes define our only sight,
We miss the inner translations of the miracles of life.
Analytical thought strips beauty from our surroundings.
Soft eyes deliver a spectacular world to the soul.

Sojourn into your heart each day.
Practice the art of stepping away from technology.
Learn the gift of our ancestors who knew to appreciate a day.
Return to who you are rather than your digital definition.

As I rode home, this classic covered by the Carpenters struck me as particularly noteworthy. I’ve always loved Karen’s voice, showcased well here…  Karen and Ella  Check out that link! Karen and Ella singing together!