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Insane. You set off on your bicycle at 6am. No sun yet, a chill, humidity-laden breeze and Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding kicks in with its ethereal cemetery wind and that huge organ.

So much for a hot, sweat-filled Florida morning ride in mid June. Chills rifle your body. Your pace picks up against your will. You know the grinding guitar lurks on the horizon to send you into the familiar frenetic frenzy of your youth.

The scenario perches, primed for flight and the inevitable. The guitar rakes your spine in goosebump ecstasy. You know full well all this comes to pass with this song.

You contemplate this song’s power of creating expectation. You desire the same for your writing – and your life.

Funeral for a Friend releases you back to your ride. Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne  follows and your shrinking goosebumps spring back to life. You thank the shuffle-play-gods. Your pace revitalizes and you know you must stop soon to write.

Funeral for a Friend defines 10:54 minutes of musical mastery followed by Looking Glass’ urban anthem. You revel in the fact that Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne delivers even more than their song of the year effort Brandy.

What a day this must become.

Days of Evergreen Ideals

Ever present, ever green,
Ideals travel thoughts unseen
Marigold beauty, silken delight,
Don’t know if you will, but do know you might.

Freedom flourish, leap ahead,
Seldom nourished, persevere instead.
Wanton will, led you astray,
Focused dreams lead you today

Escape the digital, live the feast,
Fool the taskmaster, slay the beast.
Stroll midnight moons, the magic of night
Ideals sail precious, evergreen, and light.

The new novel from my writers group. The four of us constructed this yarn together:

The Method Writers    US                 The Method Writers    UK