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Today on my bike ride, I noted the fallen trees as my wheels whirred down the pavement. I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia. Fallen trees in the forest is common. The thing that stopped me and had me take a couple pictures is the size of the trees.

In the mountains, the most prevalent ‘fallen trees’ possess girth. Of course, the trees up on the mountains tend to grow larger. I love trees. Seeing the fallen forest each day whispered to me that there may just exist a poem in the observation…

Let us see. Today’s off-the-heart poem:

Fallen Trees

Lives cut short by winds of fate
Shadows once cast long,
Now no more than a chipmunk’s stumble,
Lost to all but insect sight.

Breezes once danced leaves to music,
Rains once caused life to thrive
Now winds bite at decayed skin,
Storms accelerate decomposition.

Fallen trees lie unmoved by their circumstance
Just as we in our fallen state.
Treasures and benefits once our allies
Become time we no longer get to know.

Yet fallen trees leave behind legacies.
Fallen trees seed coming years with nourishment,
Haven, refuge, peace, and a story of a life
Live on long after the dawn of eternity’s slumber.


Hmmm. Don’t know about that one, but hey, what do I expect for an off the heart poem. Sometimes that muse just goes where it will.

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