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Emotions strike me as interesting, fascinating, bothersome, exhilarating, sustenance, and likely a kazillion other descriptions. I walk this earth an emotional creature, full of passion, fear, desire, longing, and yet again, a kazillion other descriptions.

This day calls for a return to this more intrinsic side of my persona to step out and stretch his legs. I miss writing poetry. My last post was less than two weeks ago, but the length of time feels more like months.

I don’t tend to go with rhyme, but for some reason, today’s poem felt it needed some. As always on this site, the poem is unretouched, off the heart and ready to go. Any refinement will happen down the road. Usually I go over some of the aspects of why I’m writing or wrote the poem.

Today, suffice it to say I simply desire the poem to stand on it’s own. When i write in rhyme, I tend to be concerned with the poem’s content. Often, rhyme feels restrictive to me, therefore I do not trust it.

My goal is to get back to writing poetry on a more regular basis.

Quiet Storm

Stumble through words, enlightened day,
In search of exquisite words to say,
Words to quell this silence of hers
Love to unlock through words in verse

Rhymes to pattern for rhythm’s sake
Love to present, love to take,
Desire to speak, to understand,
Love to embrace her digital hand.

This moment stands as all we own
Whether we recognize, whether its known
Imagine the love held deep in her heart
Midnight, sad, powerful, smart.

Only to step into her world this day
Only to signal a moment’s sway
North and east and heartfelt and warm
Lovely to cherish, to quiet the storm…