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Interesting, the way this poem, or writing unfolded into a series of questions, ending in more introspective question/statements with a final curious question. Ok, so it’s off the beaten path a bit. I just spent a two hour bike ride listening to Tolle expound on the Power of Now. Quite interesting stuff.

Writing each day takes on a new journey at every sitting. This is my 88th straight day of at least 750 words. Since I’m using 750words.com to write my base manuscripts and then copy and pasting to the various places I write, I can track these numerical tidbits handily.

I do love this site. The site contains analytical aspects that will tell you what mood your writing reflects, what subjects your writing focuses on, what tense, what level of profanity you many use, and will also let you know how long it takes you to write. There are even more analytics to look at. Check out the site. I’d bet you might like it as much as I.

I’ve only missed six days all year in writing at least 750 words. On at least three of those days, I wrote words, I just did not use 750words.com.

Enough of that. Poetry begins its flow once again after a couple weeks of ebb. Any time poetry walks out of my heart, I find hollowness has somehow crept into my life. My desire and attempts to write poetry never left, but my ability to access my heart and the place from which poetry flows eluded me. Most frustrating, this ‘muse’ oriented phenomena. Yet, when all tunes back in, all is well like fingers on keys (as opposed to hands in gloves…)

The Question

Are you present in your love?
Do future thoughts and dreams prevail?
More so than the immediate thought of her hand?
Her eyes? Her spirit? Her present state?

Is it not better to live in the now?
If to imagine, better to imagine coinciding “now” moments?
When your love is away, leagues away,
Why think of her in the future and not the now?

Is your presence physically necessary to love her?
Can you not love her from worlds apart?
Can two people exist in this life, separate always,
Yet in love for all time?

Can she not feel love communicated?
Must communication be touch?
Must physical communion be present to maintain love?
Can the heart overcome the base desires that too often drive us?

Does love and desire in the heart absolutely require touch?
Or can a man love a woman, with depth, sincerity, passion, and yes, desire,
Yet never be in her physical presence?
Would the experience be unfulfilling? Or emotionally thrilling?

What questions we may ponder and realize and dream.
What disciplines of hope and longing and patience we may endure.
What peace and support and camaraderie may we experience.
What question must I ask for enlightenment?

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