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Sometimes words fall into our hearts that won’t travel too far away. Some messages resonate with such ferocity that to NOT write about them would feel almost criminal.

This experience happened upon me. I spent two days at a conference loaded with positivity, encouragement, insight, poignancy, truth, heart, and inspiration. I landed on the verge of tears numerous times. No denying the beauty of the human spirit at this event.

Many of the precepts, concepts, and wisdom delivered from many speakers washed over me like a soothing shower on a hot summer day. I gloried in the positive words that cascaded into my heart from various walks of life.

I took many long looks within and found much work to be done. Yet the fact I resonated so strongly with many of these brave, fine folk left me with hope and expectation that I too could attain much more than I ever imagined in this life.

All this said simply to introduce the poem of this day, written off the heart and without edit (as usual):


What evil lurks within us?
We fear life more than death?
We follow the trail of responsibility
When the path to our dreams runs another direction.

What dastard level of confusion beguiles us?
We embrace the limits of our fears,
Deny ourselves permission to succeed
When the green light to move forward never pales.

What dementia haunts our hearts?
Brave men truly die in their time
Yet most of us root ourselves in protection
Never drinking life’s finest nectar.

Will we ever see what lies so close beyond us?
Mere steps or inches outside our sight
Lies the riches of everything we ever desired
Only an uncomfortable moment away from true reality.