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Sometimes words and phrases build up in your head and demand to jump forth into your writing world. I have not been free to write the past couple weeks due to obligations and distractions. Periods such as this wears on me.

I must write. Yes, I do write over 1000 words each day, but I speak more of the purposeful, heart driven, soul baring, creative writing that manifests from places I can only explore and never truly know. These moments this morning, stolen from an overwhelmingly busy day, lend the next hours of work and interaction an internal glow of accomplishment.

No matter what I feel I may achieve this day, these words penned off the phrases in my heart the past two weeks count, to me, as the most important and fulfilling part of my day. Hot off the muse and onto the blog – God I love to write…


Learning to Dance the Rhythms

Life, at times, dances around your passions.
Other instances deliver macabre comic relief, like
A day unfolding as a flirt with suicide, or
Nights as lonely intrusions into chaos, or
A smile that slaps your face and wakes you up.

Unexpected incidents pepper your waking moments
Life bending and wending its will throughout,
Experience the far-less-than-dull fuel
Maintaining your tenuous grip on sanity, while
Time slips into the cracks and crevices in your existence.

We all love to pretend we know.
We know all about where we’re going
How we will arrive and with whom and what
Yet when we step back with lucid internal eyes
Our ride fell far from the path initially directed.

Life at times dances around my passions.
My personal comic relief laughable in a relaxed moment.
Dancing with death real or imagined exhilarates
Loneliness but a preamble to relationship
Morning smiles to be cherished throughout my years.

Learning to dance the rhythms is special and what life is all about…