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I tripped across these two words, “bordello dreams” and immediately wanted to write something with that title. Why? Heck, if I knew that, I wouldn’t need to write because I would know what makes me tick.

No, I didn’t want to write anything sleazy. The words just seem to roll together like dice in a high stakes game. They’re at once natural to each other and also at odds. For me, they call to mind situations when I got what I thought I wanted, but then wistfully craved something purer and less demanding.

I think this happens to all of us more often than we realize. Some situation can be long term, where you enter into something like a relationship only to find after a very long time that it was all a facade. No depth. No love.

Or it could be something as short-lived as a strawberry-cheesecake ice cream that lured you from a flavor you knew you would enjoy and finding the experience less than satisfying.

What do we think of during those moments? Where do our heart-of-hearts internal instincts flee? I say, or at least attempt to say in this poem, that we dream of that which is more wholesome and desired and what we truly wanted to begin with. Too bad we stumble through life chasing shiny objects and things we believe will make us happy.

Maybe the “Bordello Dream” (as in the dream while one is in the ‘bordello’) is our internal aha moment when we see we’ve squandered yet again an opportunity to grasp our dreams. What we see is too often not what we get.

With the risk of getting any more abstract ever-present, I believe I should simply move on and let the writing have its day in court. Straight off the fingertips with no interruptions for editing, I offer today’s poem:

Bordello Dreams

Bordello dreams stream through my mind
Not by way of graphic sex, but
More of the acknowledgement of life –
Reality truly no further away than our next breath.

Don’t we prostitute our lives with tempted decisions?
Don’t we dream when we enter a place we thought we’d like
Then realize we compromised our dreams to get there?
In our decadence, do we not dream of what we really need?

Bordello dreams of beauty and ecstasy –
Nothing less than how we use our world,
Paying money for natural pleasures,
When longer lasting delight awaits in the cusp of a moment

Moments where we soak up warmth from the sun on a cold winter’s day;
Rain trips and frolics its mesmerizing rhythms;
A gentle kiss moves mountains of emotion;
A breeze elicits soul cleansing sighs.

When we fall prey to our own wisdom
When we lack the sense to choose well,
Do we not adopt a facade to save face
And secretly drift to the ideals for which we once strove?

Bordello dreams in this corrupt, desperate life
Can be simple, core-exploring samples
Of what life could be rather than what is,
Opening our disheveled hearts to all that is good

If only we would allow it to be so…