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Modern times make for crazy decisions online. One person’s writing is another person’s ridicule. Some posts resonate, some clank off the social mores like like a potty-humor joke at a church social.

This brave new world of hyper communication will redefine us in ways we’re already stumbling over. This day’s poem:

Bleeding in Public

Bleeding in public
Spraying words across digital pages
What for?
Allay the fears and tears that rip the heart?
Why not?
Avail others of pain so they may take heed?

Bleeding in public
Fashionable in our social media society.
Is this good?
Do labels ever truly define an answer?
Should anyone care?
Should they step up to the emotional plate and engage?

Bleeding in public.
A way to ease the burden of sorrow from your soul
To whom?
A public whose path long ago strayed from this landscape.
Into what?
Shallow, callous, self-serving trails through life.

Bleeding in public
Is not what it once was.
Once upon a time people would stop and help
Once upon a time people understood the value of a life
What happens when the bleeding is emotional
Blood then is only shown through words…