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Fresh off a four-day writing conference, Peggy Miller inspired me to write a “short poem” each morning whenever I get up. This type of writing prompt works well with my morning words. Who knows what will come of it, but at least I’ll get a blog post up each day. Since I write every single day, incorporating a short poem should not be a stretch. I’ll simply begin my writing with a poem or end my writing with a poem, either of which works and can be adjusted to my mood. How’s that?

You may wish to do the same. A short poem of three or four lines without rhyme and without hyper-structure like a haiku came recommended from Peggy, and I agree. Forced rhymes and structure do not mesh well with writing from jump in the morning!

One last thing: I know there will be days I get in a poetry mood and my short poem will turn into a long one. So be it! There could be worse things, right?
Peaks flat, resplendent in reds and greens and blues and predominant whites
Scattered across an oak-dark mesa
Desk clutter that mimics my mind.