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Trifecta Friday!

I couldn’t write “short” poems today. I do have three though, and I will move forward wtih them. I should save a couple for the coming days as it will be difficult to get to Wifi, but I’m going to be optimistic about my chances. Today’s poems:

Reality Bites

Despondency beyond the scope to cope.
No power holds back tears
No ability moves life forward
No chance slips back the tentacles of time
No hope survives cruelty
No strength musters for death.

When the tears come, what do you do?
Sit there a salt-water-scarred shell
Bearing the weight of the reality of
“It’s over” – two incredibly cruel words that must utter forth from your heart

The Simple Answer

She strolls with you down strands of golden beaches
She winks a sultry eye in chance encounters
She communicates in crisis times
She laughs freely and deep surrounded by quiet romance

She swims your heart, a buxom mermaid
She warms you with a soft voice
She embraces a good man with fervor
She does not exist.

How May I Stay Here?

Sunlight. Sade and Lover’s Rock
Crisp autumn mornings and hope
Warm memories to be made
Walks down leaf littered paths

Air of November peeks around the corner
Wistful thoughts of snowflakes and hot chocolate
Music paints comfort in my soul
Peace settles into smiles past, present, and future.

Knowledge – remain in memory making
Not succumb solely to memory taking
Sets sail to tiny boats of hope
Who find port in my heart