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Poetry comes to us when we relax and allow the melodies of life to intersect our hearts. Too often we deny that soft part of ourselves that feels. So many callous people in the world ignore the beauty available to them in any instant. They focus on calculations, analytics, politics, religion, all of which possess cold, heartless, and ugly sides.

I embrace autumn and winter as the two most beautiful seasons. Spring gets its due as does summer, but autumn and winter own the fullness of life. They depict and reflect our lives. I watch in sadness as people flee their beauty, not only with their physical bodies but with their hearts and souls.

These two seasons act as mirrors to our lives. Everything we experience offers beauty. To jettison winter in terse statements of loathing is to overlook some of the key wonders that abound in our world.

I had no intention of going here with this post, but I am grateful for the pictures my sister sent on her way home to North Carolina today. I’m still hoping the storm will get here before I have to leave in about four hours…


Delivers images from crunchy leaves to bare trees
Storms clutch magic pixie snow dust in their cloaks of gray
Much like words in my heart…