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Today’s poem asks the question many must be feeling. Forging forward in this life after five decades comes too often with a struggle just to perform rudimentary tasks. I know I am a roiling, emotionally vital person, but life and circumstance bring me to the precipice of major change. I study the amount of work and strife on the horizon and I blanch. I cannot help it. I ask the question not so much in fear but more in line with a search for a thread of hope.

When you do not desire to walk down a dark, trying, emotional road, you stare at the basic needs. I stare at my needs as a man and a father. Not in a selfish manner. These needs are more the basic survival type. Anyone who is walking through turbulent emotional times today needs a hand up. Please check in with your friends. You may be surprised with what they endure. Just a thought from the Morning Poem…


Plastic bottle and cup
Purposes spent
Like the decades of my past.
Am I as empty as they?