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The following thought occurred to me this morning: the overall context of a day is made up of thousands of interconnected moments. The overall context of a relationship is made up of millions and billions of interconnected moments.

I’m sure something along these lines have been said before, but that’s why we write, is it not? To rediscover and perpetuate wisdom? Add to this idea of interconnected moments the fact that our eyes can never get their fill of the world nor our ears nor touch nor smell nor taste, what are we left with?

Memories. Lessons. Experiences. Life.

Call these moments what you will, but realize that what is being pronounced as “truth” out there often only snares the beholder’s truth, not necessarily a universal truth.

Take the rhetoric of the politicians these days. Don’t they make you want to puke? I’m sick of their partisan lies, power-mongering, overplay of half-truths and innuendo. I don’t care which side we speak of, politics is a dirty business of who can dupe the most people with the most outrageous claims. Sickening.

I say much the same has happened in religion. Looking at what is going on in this world’s religious community reveals mass manipulation and twisted truths by men/women with agendas. It’s enough to drive an intelligent, reasoning person away. Forget helping people in need, someone has to be the “Sin Police.”

Back to the main topic, when the moments that interconnect our lives become overwhelmingly negative, as humans we react in many ways. Stepping back and looking at those moments, I’ve found many people perpetuate negativity because they simply cannot see the “connectedness” of their actions.

When a person carries negativity throughout a relationship and sets patterns over years and years, breaking out of that rut becomes almost impossible. If each of us took to heart that each moment we breathe we possess an opportunity to move forward in a positive direction, maybe some of the dark, oppressive apathy spreading throughout this world might recede.

Another observation I’ve made is that you can only bring yourself to a point of examination. You cannot bring someone else. They must arrive in their time in their way. No matter how much you desire their life to change for the better, they must find how to determine their path.

Interconnected Moments

Today I turned on a computer and taught
Seven minds who stepped into a new portal of awareness
Simply from one act of sharing.