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The Rogues Gallery Writers (of which I am a member) engaged in a book signing last night at Anastasia Books in St. Augustine, Florida. Selling books is a strange life for a writer. Each sale is special, and all too often, each sale seems distant from the next.

Most writers desire the validation of someone purchasing the words they’ve sweated over. After all, writing comes at a huge expense of time, thought, and often life experience.

I surveyed a stack my Loves Lost and Found books and got to wondering what kind of time went into writing and producing that book. Then I thought of all the life experience behind each poem. I realized then that books capture and hold time within their pages.

From that thought sprung the poem of the day. I’m working hard at keeping the daily poems to 3 lines and no rhymes. In keeping with the validation factor, I decided I would run a sale, if you will, on Loves Lost and Found.

The book is in full color with the poetry interpreted in acrylic paintings by artist Tracy McDurmon. It’s a full 8.5×11 coffee table sized book on 100# glossy paper. I only have a few left. Grab them while you can at $15 a copy. I’ll even autograph them! Click here: Loves Lost and Found


Time locked into printed pages
Not only the snapshot of the moment inspiration fled the writer’s hand, but
Also the life experienced to roust the muses


Bear with me while I get a special button set up for the book. Right now it is at $26.95, the original selling price.