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This day begins with me looking at my cluttered desk and seeing some of the filters through which I view my world. Don’t we all fall into extended ruts? Ok, maybe it’s just me. I’ve stared at the crap that clutters my office for far too long.

I now think of my OCD friends who toil away at keeping things pristine and uber-tidy. My view is they struggle with the same malady, just the other end of the spectrum. They have filters that keep them from using their time more productively.

How does one become a high-functioning filtered human being. I’ve seen people produce incredible things from both slob-like conditions and oh-my-god-don’t-touch-anything conditions.

Of  course, life filters take on more than just how tidy you keep your office, your room, your house and your car. Filters help determine how you interpret your wife/child/friend/co-worker/enemy’s words. Breaking out of detrimental filters can be a struggle.

As I step through this day, I think I will walk some different paths. I will step away from some of the binding, restrictive filters in my life and walk toward something more fulfilling. I may take a walk. I think I’ll write with music playing today (I normally don’t). I’ll resist the urge to veg out on a football game (I always seem to regret losing that time later on…).

Each of us has within us the opportunity to change how we approach our lives. I know I need an overhaul. Maybe these small steps are just what the writer ordered…


Sunlight tamed by bug-eyed blue lenses
Stifled damage saves future sight
Much like life experiences guiding our decisions