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Hope once rode astride midnight winds
Chariot breezes quelled some fears
Blackened swirls the indigo emotions of bleak of night
Yet refuge to weary hearts

Midnight moons peered into lonely hearts
Always there to comfort the soul
Where do midnight winds find destination?
What becomes of one left only the cold of night?

Compass-less, adrift without a push
Absent winds bought by passionate memory
Love does stand the tests of time
Believe it…believe it…believe it…

Midnight winds never fail to stir
Midnight bookmarks to hope and life
Once quickened from despair
Can never fall stricken into forgetfulness

Having stood under those late night moons
Soaked in their salving breezes
Connected over time, space, culture, ideals
Invariably leads eggshell footsteps back…
in hope….