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There must be a certain signature when you write. We often call it our “writer’s voice.” Recognition of the work you perform, crafting words to reflect your soul, remains elusive at best. Yet, when you return to sentence and phrase structures penned lifetimes ago (sometimes months ago), often you are greeted by surprising twists of ideas and perceptions.

I just completed such a journey, traveling through a number of poems that drew comments. I like the idea that struck me. The idea of:

Burning at Both Ends

Night’s sweet arms enfold my heart
Wraps me up in silver dreams
Tomorrows worries traded away
For dances in hope it seems

Rhyme steals easy into the dark
Traveled roads to somewhere
Day long done to build a life
Leads the heart to nowhere

One day the night will touch the day
In simple shades of light and gray
Burning soul without a say
Time well spent when love holds sway