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At least, how we address this constant reality of human life defines to a certain extent how we live. Each day death beckons us nearer. This is not earth-shattering news. “Live now for tomorrow is not guaranteed.” There are probably hundreds if not thousands of variations of this saying.

Here in the States, we appear to play ostrich with death. As long as we have our toys and entertainments, we forget our finite plight. We can go about our “living” as though no end will ever come of it. What we don’t look at won’t hurt us.

I’m not promoting a morbid, death-fearing mindset here, but simply addressing what I see is a need for Americans to get their heads out of their electronic butts and discover the true beauties of life. Breezes. Clouds. Trees. Snow. Sunshine. Rain. Relationships.

We experience so many, many things each day, but most go unnoticed or are viewed in some sort of negative light. The weather, in my opinion, should always bring us a sense of wonder. Yes, it may rain on your ball game. Snow may keep you from a journey. But these climatic changes bring positives as well.

What if everyone took at least three swipes at looking at any given situation as positive, no matter how negative things may seem? I wrote this sentence just before starting on this post – “I am not going to write negative today.” Then I wrote, “I am going to write positive today.”

Contrast those two sentences. Do they say the same thing? Absolutely not. In fact, there dwells in those two sentences an incredible chasm of difference. In the first sentence, I am purposing to ‘avoid’ negative writing, yet the sentence contains two distinct, negative words – “not” and “negative”. The action behind this is avoidance. I could write pure, meaningless fluff and not be negative.

The second statement makes very clear the fact I am going to purpose to write positive. There is no nod to meaningless fluff. There is action to positivity.

I want to tie this in with looking at life in the context of death. Do you view death as negative? Do you view rain as depressing? Are death and rain realities in our world? Of course.

My thoughts run this line: since death is as real as rain, sun, snow, and billions of other real things we must deal with, fleeing our realities does nothing to stop any of them from occurring. Why not embrace their truths? Why not walk through this life with the unflinching knowledge that each of us will die and each moment we live and breathe is a moment to write our story, our history if you will, on this earth.

One thousand years from now, who will know you? If someone does know of you, do you really care? We have philosophies and religions that tell us what we should be doing with our lives. The bottom line is no matter what philosophy or religion or lack thereof resonates with you, your life still depends upon your will and motivation to move forward.

If you spend the bulk of your time hiding from the truths of this world, one day, these truths will exact their price, and you most likely will not care for the toll. Live like you’re dying – because you are. Walk up to that person you wish to speak with and utter those words. Write that book you’re carrying to the grave because you’re too scared give it to the world out of fear. Fear of what? You’re going to die. Why not leave something behind?

Challenge yourself to achieve those milestones in your life called dreams. The truth is, anything that can be measured can be managed. Dreams cannot be measured until you bring them into reality. You have to put action to truth to make something happen.

I’m not opposed to entertainment. Heck, anyone who knows me would tell you I love movies and well-written shows. Contemplation of our mortality is healthy. Knowing we are walking alarm clocks without any knowledge of exactly when our bells will chime should lend us a clarity of purpose. Ambition. Motivation.

I know. So simple to write, so difficult to put into practice. Again, I’m not suggesting you go all morbid on life and get into the fear of death game. What I AM saying is to get in touch with death. Acknowledge the truth of YOUR death one day. Then take a peek at the things you desire to accomplish in your life. This is not negative. This is looking at a life truth, then selecting a “positive” glance at where you wish to go with your minutes, hours, days, weeks, years.

Death is not negative. Death just happens to be a human truth. Face it and look to where you desire your life to be headed. Use death’s truth to help motivate yourself from deluded escape. Take your entertainments in selective, sober decisions rather than helter skelter avoidance of what you may perceive as negative. Step into positive control of your life and strive for the most excellent ‘you’ imaginable. I think you will find life more interesting…


The dream of a kiss lingers on my lips
Fallen rose petal tingles
Flutter my heart in anticipation
Only to die in the waking fog of conscious thought

Each moment without affection stymies hope
Soars dandelion parachutes that
Search out gentle internal landscapes
Too often rejected by imprisoned emotions rather than welcomed by a fertile heart

Breath in our lungs implies positive opportunity
Motivation to seize life
Soar its wondrous possibilities
And land at life’s end with a simple smile in your soul that you gave it your all