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Snow October 29, 2012This is the first day of December. Is there a better month in the whole calendar? I don’t think so. Not because of Christmas. Christmas is way over commercialized and depressing. Not because the last night of the year is a major party night. Not because my friend Alexandra Scott has a birthday, my son has a birthday, one of my daughters has a birthday, my sister has a birthday, my brother-in-law has a birthday, my best friend growing up has a birthday, and I have a birthday this month. (What’s up with the months of February and March? lol)

No, December welcomes in the first blushes of winter. Hot chocolate days and snuggle nights. Trees bare their souls to the world. Too many people look at trees without leaves as stark and depressing. I see the promise of life. I see the truth of death, that its real, and that life still goes on in the midst of it. I can see the forest floor and hike places I would never manage otherwise.

December transitions us to another year. That’s all in our heads though. We’ve grown so accustomed to putting endpoints to our lives and compacting them away in terms of numbers. The life of this planet runs circular. The seasons rotate through their cycle without end. Humans place endpoints. This is why New Years’ resolutions are so meaningless in most respects. Our lives are in constant motion just like our planet. Many of us are going hundreds of miles an hour with our lives.

Try getting out of a car going eighty miles an hour and start over. Destined to be a bit ugly, eh? Instead of starting something new, we should consider taking the momentum we’ve created and simply change direction – slightly. No jerking the wheel.

Yes, December is a cherished month for me. The month holds the last vestiges of my favorite season – Autumn – and introduces my next favorite season – Winter. Snow. Cold. Clarity. Reflection. Hat weather. I love wearing hats. A good month to get close to someone and share warmth.

I see the thrill of children getting a winter break from school. It’s a bit of a shame that our children loathe school so much these days. We’ve managed to make learning a chore instead of exciting. We can thank our government for that.

December is a time of crackling fires, sleds, trips, family, and for me, reflection. Skiing, vacations, boots, and the full spectrum of color in the world wrapped in white. The music of the month is fantastic with dreams of White Christmas’ and songs about the Air of December. Although I must admit to getting sick of Christmas music long before Christmas Day, much of that music is iconic and deeply entrenched in our lives.

Yes, December. My favorite month. A month to revel and relax. A month to celebrate and contemplate. A month to consider life – and death – and look forward to rebirth.