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???????????????????????????????????????Love slithers – silken smoke
Ever eluding, ever evasive
Blues laden, heavy, hazy heart
Full, floundering, faithless and faithful

Longing for that wink,
Whisper, sign, sigh.
Lofty ambition, lowly effectiveness
Strolls your soul through hell’s nightfall.

Yet hope flickers ever-real,
Tangible, almost touchable
If for nothing else than sustained existence
For what life is there without love?

To ache for completion
Even if for but a butterfly’s breath –
Gouges scars – that one may still feel alive
Even with the absence …

A Final Word…

Midnight and music and a day of writing add up to the perfect muse storm. Sometimes words must flow out of me. Tonight is one such moment. I looked up when I was finished writing this poem and did not raise an eyebrow when I noted the time – midnight.  Seems late night musings will always be with me.

While I have not read over this poem a second time as yet, I feel pretty good about it. Most often, I cannot go back and look. That’s why I post them without a rewrite. That’s not to say I never go back to rework some of the wording, but that won’t happen for quite a while usually. The poem needs to sit in its raw form for a while, at least for me it does.