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????????????????????????????????????????What is it we all know? We cannot change someone else, right? We’ve been taught this, lectured on this, pleaded with on this, experienced this. No one changes but of their own accord.

Yet we continue to try to sway and change others’ opinions, beliefs, ways of life. This does not work. A person forced to change their opinion is still of the same mind, right?

Today’s poem…

Change My World

Time wends slow tendrils of destiny
Wrapped around mind, heart, soul.
Choice falls to these three
Alignment defines a personal peace.

I want to change my world –
Death, destruction, pain, loss…
My voice drowns in the sea of universal chaos
Pointless and silent though I scream.

Those plodding tendrils whisper
Step back, listen, know…
Change my world?
Change comes from within, not without.

Change conjures visions of fears, prejudices, failures.
Openness to eradicating the smoke and mirrors inside
Offers a path, a way, a hope –
Change myself and I change MY world

Change stands as one of the most difficult tasks I’ve undertaken in life. Age, time, experience, observation, trusting who I am leads me away from past systems of chains. Direction in life falls to our inner decisions. We either take responsibility for these decisions or we foist them off on others.

Too many of us allow other human beings to control our belief systems to serve their purposes. I’ve lived this reality. In a sense, I’m not sure we can ever get away from this. Governments exert their broad-stroked control. Religion uses much more insidious means of control.

Individuals exert themselves into others’ lives, using knowledge, power, sex appeal, intelligence, and many other attributes to manipulate and control. I suppose this is the human experience, but I search a more benevolent path. We shall see.

What I do know, myself, in my world, the path humanity lumbers down leads clearly to discord and destruction on a pathetically huge scale. Most of us see this. Too many scream and attempt to force their answers down our throats. If you don’t take control and responsibility for your own world, others will use their influence to inject theirs.

Change your world by aligning your mind with your heart and soul. Search out that which is right and good. Consider this – stop allowing other humans to dictate what you see, hear, feel, and believe. Until you can honestly soul-search yourself to the point of “to thine own self be true” how can you seriously affect change in anyone else?

Stop trying to change others or convince them against their will. Your efforts are better spent on your personal growth. If others are drawn to your peace, you have communication possibilities where you may be of some help to them. When you look to argue or change another person, the only good that comes is the separation that inevitably manifests itself in your lives.

What you do at that point becomes critical to changing YOUR world. Will you step into yourself? Will you continue to point your fingers outward? One path goes with the chaos, the other may lead to true change…

Just some thoughts on the last day of the year…