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One thing I’ve noticed
We walk life asleep
We hide from the sun
Cloister our feet.

Days beckon us outward
Fresh and inviting
Our minds know better
No work declining

One day we’ll awaken
Glimpse what we missed
Wish for our time back
Wish to be kissed

We’ll tumble to oblivion
Mired in regret
So get to your feet
Never forget

When sunshine calls
Don’t rain the parade
Step into your life
Out of charade…

Last Words…

Sometimes the rhyming bug strikes me, for good or for ill. I keep glancing out my windows at the beautiful day calling me to play. Responsibilities and work and this and that all appear to rain down on me as I sit here. But I shall take my advice and get outside. I suggest you do the same!!! 🙂

No time to edit. Gotta catch a piece of this day!!!!!!