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IMG_0319There are days when you get a special word or concept that rings profound. Your heart soars and your mind smiles. Awareness of the world around you becomes more easily attained. You want to share this word or concept, but quickly the dirty waters of time and responsibilities wash over you and the moment is gone.

Or is it? I’m rallying myself to repeat the word and concept that moments ago lifted my spirit. I listened to the “Word of the Day” from John Maxwell (click that link for some awesome words and concepts) and found myself quite moved. The word is excellence.

John stated that “Excellence is not a skill – it’s a choice.” How many times each day do we make the “choice” to be excellent? We often perform repetitive functions. I know as writer, I fall into ruts of mediocrity and choose to let the words lie there in “average” presentation.

Excellence is a choice, and John also stated we should not allow others to set the bar on what we determine is our excellence. Average people are uncomfortable with those who seek excellence. People who pursue average results often look to pull those seeking excellence down to their level.

Let your excellence shine today and every day. Allow yourself the power to make that choice. When you empower yourself to strive for great things, you impact the world. If nothing else, your personal satisfaction and your personal world are changed and strengthened. Excellence. Go for it!


Sun dappled flowers
Warm morning breezes
Dreams call up memories
Doves to our souls

Streaming hot thoughts
Pull cars of desire
Through heart-lanes of love
In our lives and sighs

What dwells witin
Knows power we seek
What dwells with
Reveals secrets of life

We look to externals
Answerless endeavors
When deep inside
Holds all our keys

When excellence is chosen
We step into our destiny
If we but will stretch for it
Excellence will reward our souls