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Grey December Skies Bike Ridejoiedevivre n. Carefree enjoyment of life.

The skies in the picture may not belie this, but my bike ride this afternoon fell into a carefree enjoyment of life. I took about a dozen pics along the way with my iPhone and reveled in the sixty degree weather, overcast skies, and beautiful music slithering from my headphones.

For me, life can be pretty pointless when all I do is cloister indoors and work. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my work, but nature and life need to be intermixed for me to be in balance. Living in Florida, cool, overcast days are somewhat on the rare side.

I took this pic over my left shoulder as I rode by...

I took this pic over my left shoulder as I rode by…

Yes, I did trek into my dictionary for the word joiedevivre, which my spell checker is screaming squiggly red lines at me for using such a cacophony of letters. I wanted some alliteration with the word January and, dadgumit, when a writer wants alliteration, he wants alliteration!

“J” words are very limited in English, at least in my American Heritage Dictionary. In fact, I only ran across a handful of cool “j” words. Jasmine is way over used, and jaundice did not fit the mood. I did feel a pull to the word “jeremiad” – a bitter lament or righteous prophecy of doom, but again, the context was not quite right.

Joiedevivre comes from French, so the “j” is pronounced “zwha” with the “a” being Bike Ride January 2013a soft “a”. The “i” is pronounced with a long “e” sound and the other two “e’s” are pronounced with a short “a” sound.

Enough of the etymology of the word. The big idea for this post is to enjoy things you may completely disdain or overlook. Overcast skies and cool temperatures are no reason to hide away inside. If anything, a crisp, cool day lends opportunity to break out an old hat or jacket and feel something “different” for a change.

Like carefree enjoyment of life. Joiedevivre.

Carefree Enjoyment of Life

Reflections, reminisces, remnants, reveries,
Muddled thoughts, puddled dreams,
Life is rarely what it seems

Threadbare, unraveled, unfettered, free
Mind released, soul respected
Joiedevivre experiences seldom expected

Premeditate, pursue, passion, pleasure,
Joy revealed, pleasant breeze,
Wealthy is the man who sees…