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Try Lots of Hats

Peridot - August birthday for herThe term “self-fulfilling prophecy” is generally given a negative connotation but I’m thinking about it in a different way today. Robert Merton, a 20th century sociologist, actually coined the term of self-fulfilling prophecy. His definition, from the book “Social Theory and Social Structure” (published in 1949), states that the prophecy is false but is made true by a person’s actions. In the modern sense the self-fulfilling prophecy is neither false nor true, but is merely a possibility that is made into probability by a person’s unconscious or conscious actions. Simply stated, we are what we think about so, therefore, we create our own reality. Can you think of an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy in your own life? I can think of a couple of negative ones from my own life but I’ll share a positive one today.

I presented my first SELF seminar of the year…

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