Sometimes, in the course of a day, something extraordinary happens to each of us, yet often we pass the experience by with little more than a nod to something different but soon forgotten.

Then comes the times where we stop and take note, revel in the moment. A writer shares his/her world, internal or external. Here is my moment in the day in the life…

While riding bicycles with my daughter to college, the following song grasped my heart and pleaded with me to listen. From one of the most incredible pieces of musical work in my lifetime, the 1967 excerpt from the Moody Blues’ album “Days of Future Passed” – embrace the lyrics and the flute and see if you don’t go to a special place in your heart…

If you’ve never delighted in the pleasure of this Moody Blues concept album, I encourage you to take the time to listen beginning to end. The entire album delivers the listener a day, set to music, from dawn to night. You will not be disappointed.

Next up on my bike ride came a very different but just as moving a song. Rikki Lee Jones is admittedly and acquired taste, but she possesses a musical catalog that includes some amazing work. This song, “Horses” is one of my favorite Rikki Lee Jones tunes.

Rickie Lee leaves her passion in each song with echoes on the inner walls of your ears and heart. At least she does for me. She has some awesome tunes and lyrics in her body of work.

Lastly, but certainly not least, Mr. JT himself, James Taylor, had me soaring with the joy of life on this cloudy day. I love so much music, picking all-time favorite songs in life is impossible. There exist far too many. If one song were to definitely be in the group, though, “The Secret O’ Life” would most certainly be one. Enjoy!