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Letter 1988 postmark Letter 1988 writingInteresting how the past creeps up and surprises you. I was rifling through old papers this morning searching for writing prompts when I came across a partially written poem on the back of an envelope. The writing hailed from March of 1988.

The first five lines of the following poem are the only-slightly edited lines on the envelope. I finished off the poem a few minutes ago. While I know this did not go where I would have gone in 1988, it was fun reaching out to my younger self and collaborating, so to speak.

In many ways, I prefer the younger voice, so wistful, so hopeful, so unscathed by the pain that would soon arrive a year later. Isn’t that life? One of the things I love about being a writer is reading my younger self. I can give a silent nod to the hopeful romantic, even knowing how cruelly crushed he would become, and smile – I survived.

I’m sure a future self will have the same type looking glass. I should write him a letter (remember those?). I imagine he will smile at how open my writing has become. I like to think it would be a smile of “well done” brave young man.

This experience has my curiosity up. I possess a trunk loaded with old writing from the 80’s, even late 70’s. What cast-off treasures await me? I may take a few days to see. My only fear is that nothing would step forth of merit. We’ll just toss that thought aside for now. Today’s off the heart poem with an assist from 1988…

Lie Back and Dream

I wish I were able to lie back and dream
Walk on clouds of magical cream
Hey there children have you seen the sun
The same way I did when I was young?

Lollipop dandelions and clover chains,
Quiet, hushed storms with melancholy rains,
Hey there people have you seen the moon
With wistful eyes and a lovers’ swoon?

I am able to lie back and dream
You and I lazing by a lovely stream
Sweet-sugared whispers of love in your eyes
A future for us where love never dies

I wish I were able to lie back and dream
Circumstance stacks against it, or so it would seem
Except you’re in the world, lifting my day
When all is done, I’d have it no other way.