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John Wayne Airport(Quick author’s note: This post was written on February 14, two weeks ago today. It sat, smoldering in my “Drafts” folder until I took the time to snag the picture off my iPhone that goes with the post. Writers’ procrastination, what can I say?)

This does not happen often in my life. I’m sitting in John Wayne Airport in Newport Beach, California. I get to fly maybe three times a year, although that appears to be changing soon.

I have over an hour to kill and I have a cool little desk/electrical outlet/internet station to work from. I’ve always said I love the “white noise” of restaurants and public places as locations to write. Here is my opportunity to prove that true.

Can I compose poetry in a public setting like this? That remains to be seen. Typically, I need to be quiet in my heart and mind to write poetry, or properly vexed…

I titled this post “Life Flights” partially due to the airport influence, but also because I see my life in phases of sometimes herky-jerky flights of fancy, fear, and future. Guess I’m feeling fairly fond of the letter “F” today…

The four days I spent in California have been filled with amazing volumes of information about our world and some of the people who influence innovation on a global scale. How all this works behind the scenes of technology innovation from the money side of the equation is beyond fascinating. The process falls more into the “mind-boggling” category.

I was privy to the mindset sides of corporate venture capitalists who impact our world in incredible ways. These folk look to impact masses, not individuals. The “takeaways” for me from this past week are more personal, however.

You learn a lot about yourself when surrounded by a massive, like-minded group of people. At least this is what I experienced. These venture capitalists are focused, hard working, people who look at big picture scenarios and break them down into how to make things work.

I found myself on day two looking at all I do and breaking it down into an organizational package that will be more manageable. For a right brained guy like me, this is somewhat stunning. Yes, I’ve always had the capacity for this type of mindset, but putting it into practice has been a struggle.

Desiring to put my life into a more structured environment has been an even more challenging struggle throughout my years. I chafe at restriction. I desire a more free-spirit approach to life and responsibility. Yet I recognize a certain amount of structure is critical to moving forward toward reaching goals and dreams.

I will be going over these four days for months, possibly years to come. I’m sure this post comes across a bit nebulous, but for me, I understand more clearly what I need to get done when I get home.

I will never desire to enter the high finance world of venture capitalism on any level other than possibly writing, but I must acknowledge I learned many things I have yet to realize at this moment.

Time to attempt a quick poem before boarding my flight…

Life Flights

I wander through life a wayward passenger
Hopping short flights to destinations known.
I dream of great deeds and trials to overcome
Walking mundane paths leading nowhere new.

Sometimes, yes sometimes, I step out and give wind to
Fancies and futures and fantasies pursued for real
Brave strides taken with butterflies fluttering through my soul
Knowing my life changes with each step.

I wonder at why I don’t participate more
Scheduling life flights destined to take me beyond horizons
Thrilled by my audacity and complexity and bravery
Ever settling back into patterns well worn.

Life flights, a goal, a pursuit, a desire
Filling my heart with fuel to move on.
I vow to focus on more valiant strivings
Fulfillment the tease, the elixir, the draw…