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Photo courtesy Diane Legg. While the photo does not reflect anything in the writing, I just happen to like it…

Today I was listening to a CD in the car and the person speaking said, “Ink it when you think it.” I have always understood that when you don’t write something down right away, the idea is lost, at least in its original genius, forever. Being a poet, though, made this statement stick out.

As I spoke with my sister this evening, she stated something just as ear-catching, although sans the rhyme. I thought her statement made a tremendous base for a poetic ramble. Here goes…

I Don’t Know About You…

Everybody’s right, and nobody’s listening
Finger-pointers glory in others’ struggles.
Defenders fight for proof only they’ll own
I don’t know about you…but this sucks.

Religious ranters possess all your answers,
Theirs they leave to a convenient god.
One who justifies their every attack.
I don’t know about you…but this sucks.

Political zealots, born of power-greed in the trenches
Dupe their agenda-ridden way to stardom
On the backs of people with more character than they’ll ever know.
I don’t know about you…but this sucks.

Relationships rife with control-freak frenzy
Diabolically degenerate into the finger-pointers’ words
Carrying weight with those who don’t listen.
I don’t know about you…but this sucks.

Good people harried by callous controllers,
Lash out when enough’s enough, when
Loving themselves in silence defines their only true recourse
In a world where everybody’s right and nobody’s listening.

I don’t know about you…but this sucks.

My sister made the statement that “everybody’s right and nobody’s listening.” This statement clanged a bit poetic to my soul. I haven’t written any off-the-cuff poetry in a while, (possibly because everybody’s right and nobody’s listening experiences in my life…), so what the heck. For what it’s worth, eh?

I do find life a struggle when narrow-minded folk react to finger-pointing zealots without listening the the whole truth. I used to believe the whole truth must be spoken, but what I’ve found is that nobody’s listening. Not on a human level at least.

They couch what they hear behind propped up opinions, given justification by whatever interpretation of truth they deem rules everyone, when, in truth, they seldom abide by these rules themselves. Much has been written over the millennia on this subject. My little writing here adds little or nothing to the mountainous multitudes.

But for one brief, poetic moment, at least I get to espouse my observation to the world. This tally sheet of who’s right and who’s wrong destroys the fabric of humanity. This struggle kills innocents. Destroys countries. Damns relationships to oblivion.

As for me, I redouble my effort to move forward in positivity, refuse to engage with negative people with agendas, and find a level of peace in a world run amuck in having to be right. By the way, that need is as virulent in the person who defends themself against verbal attack as the attacker. For my money, the movie “War Games” had it right. Sometimes the right answer is simply to not play the game… I don’t know about you…but this makes sense…

One a lighter note, I came across a cache of poetry I wrote in 2011. Reading over it, I was aghast that I’d misplaced it. I will begin posting once I transcribe them from the hand-written pages. I will label these poems in the posts as “The Aged Archives.” I hope to get the first one out Friday…