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Today is a special day. No, not because it’s April Fools Day, but because this day begins National Poetry Writing Month. There’s a challenge out there to write a poem a day. The site is: http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/napowrimo/

I’ve decided to take on the writing gauntlet. We’ll see if I can knock one out each day. I’m in the mood. Nothing like a challenge to get your poetry spirits soaring! The site gives you prompts that you may use or ignore. I tend to write poetry more off what’s in my heart. If I see a prompt that strikes me, I’ll most definitely use it. For today, though, I just simply wrote:

When I Think of You…

When I think of you,
I smile, even
though life may clutter existence
like a leaf-clogged gutter,
causing spirits to plummet and demons to soar
through a mind and heart besieged by
relentless questions, criticisms, accusations and negativity
only to all fall away like a morning mist relinquishing itself to the day,
so joy and peace may step into life and
nestle ever-so-soft in a loving heart that
desires little more than the
beauty and serenity of companionship …
… and love