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Photography courtesy my good friend Diane Legg

Photography courtesy my good friend Diane Legg

Poetry runs the emotional gamut. From gloom and sadness to joy and ecstasy. There is no “wrong” poetry written from the heart. Writing what lays on your heart today does not mean it will be there tomorrow. In that guise, poetry is a flitting bird that flies about the heart exploring.

As part of National Poetry Writing Month, I am posting a poem a day for thirty days. Today is a Twofer Tuesday!

Two poems today, both short, one somber, one kooky!

Sad State

We slumbered in the palace of matrimony,
Sleeping beauties, unaware –
Awoken to mold and decay,
A daunting mess viewed from separate rooms…

This next poem should be read to the tune of Jingle Bells. Yes, I know it’s April, but sometimes fun things pop into one’s mind that cannot be denied…

Writing Well

Dashing through the snow,
To edit my friend’s tales,
Snickering at the prose,
Laughing ’till I wail.

Adverbs thrown about
An editor’s real fright,
What fun it is to mark and zing
This manuscript tonight!

Oh – oh! Writing well, writing well,
Writing all the way!
Oh what fun it is to fix
This author’s work today!