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IMG_0007Yesterday’s smiles, erased by yesterday’s cruelties.
Why is that so?
Lives pursued within a purse of constant self-deception
All the while our path re-defines itself with adjustments for our stumbles.

What of those smiles from yesterday?
Why do they elude us today?
How do we know they won’t come tomorrow?
When do we find enlightenment?

Yesterday’s smiles beam apparent,
Headlights into foggy futures
Naive embraces of joy
Fragile as the premise upon which they were built.

Yesterday’s smiles brighten pictures
Evidence they once witnessed the day,
Often their source long forgotten
Faces lit by teethy candles.

Yesterday’s smiles lead to sadness
Whether exiled forever or youth expired
Their roots long withered
Their evidence replaced by yesterday’s crimes.

Yesterday’s successes died with the day
As did yesterday’s failures, dead with the new morn.
Our smiles may carry forward,
Focus, effort, and will required.

Cherish yesterday’s smiles, as they breathe only short breaths
In an overall body of work defined by trials
Yesterday’s smiles – the fuel to launch us forward
Yesterday’s smiles – the longing which holds us back…