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I’ve made it through one week of writing a poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo), Off to sleep, perchance to dream…

Elusive Definition

She follows a wisp of a trail
Through soft silken breezes –
Serpentine paths that know no schedule
Save the fancy of her lovely mind.

Winter kisses her lips and melts into summer
Spring caresses her face, withers to autumn
Summer tickles her fancy, careens into winter’s blush
Autumn reminisces her soul to spring’s re-emergence.

Cycles, serendipities, serene adaptations
Gather eyes for what comes next
Gypsy whims for faraway dreamers
Elusive as a ghostly wind.

Name her love or peace or contentment
Label her fickle or precocious or wraith
Call her fate or nature or whimsical
She’ll answer only in her own moment.